Solutions For Your Business

Government Grant Applications

Gerry has extensive experience in preparing successful grant applications for a wide range of clients

Grants are a valuable source of assistance to business by offsetting capital costs. Preparation of successful grant application requires a clear description of the project and its objectives, supported by detailed information. Making the application easy to understand for assessors is often the key to success.

Strategic and Business Planning

Gerry King has been involved in preparing strategic and business plans for over 25 years.

A well-developed business strategy is the key to successful business growth.  The Strategy provides the “Big Picture” with clear measurable objectives.  The Business Plan sets out the steps and actions to be taken to achieve those objectives.

Management Systems QA and WHS (ISO9001; ISO45001)

Gerry has successfully implemented management systems for a range of businesses and as a qualified lead auditor understands the full requirements needed to achieve certification.

Management systems such as Quality and Workplace Health & Safety are no longer optional for businesses and in many cases, are a prerequisite for supplying larger organisations with goods and services. The key objective is to make the system work for the business, minimising time and costs, whilst being fully compliant with the requirements of the standards.

Performance Improvement

Gerry began his consulting career as an Industrial Engineer and has worked across a range of industries.

Operational improvement requires a systematic assessment of current processes using established measurement techniques to identify waste. Improved methods and processes can then be developed and implemented to achieve measurable benefits.

Feasibility Studies

Having conducted a number of complex feasibility studies, Gerry has a sound understanding of the requirements.

The objective assessment of a proposed project often requires “fresh eyes” and an unbiased assessment of benefits, costs and risks.  Presentation of the findings in a logical structured format supported by detailed research ensures informed decisions can be made.